Japanese whiskey is now spreading around the world

Japanese whiskey is now spreading around the world

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Japanese whiskey is now spreading around the world

Whisky, first produced in Japan in 1924, was not a preferred drink on world markets until some time ago outside Japan. But today Japanese brands have achieved the quality to compete with the Scottish whisky they once imitated.

The last favorite of whisky lovers around the world is the whisky varieties produced in Japan.

It is a strong competitor to Japanese producers Arik Scotch, who have imitated Scotch in the first place.

The country's leading whisky firms say they are struggling to meet demand.

Experts believe that American whiskey, which is already based on mass production, is lagging behind Japanese whiskey in terms of quality.

Yet Japanese whisky producers also get their malt barley from Scotland.

In 2001, Nikka's whisky, called Yoichi, was named 'best of the best' by Whiskey Magazine.

Since 2003, the Suntory brand's 30-year-old Hibiki has won every year's Award at the International Cocktail Competition.

Japanese whiskey has been produced since the 1920s. This adventure began when the Yamazaki Distillery opened near Kyoto.

20. over the course of the century, Japanese whiskey had mainly appealed to local customers within Japan.

But now Japanese whiskey is quickly on its way to becoming the drink the world is looking for.