What should pregnant women pay attention to in the Covid-19 process?

What should pregnant women pay attention to in the Kovid-19 process?

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What should pregnant women pay attention to in the Covid-19 process?

Although the measures applied in pandemic conditions are flexible, people in a certain group should pay particular attention to self-protection. Pregnant women are at moderate risk in the process of fighting Kovid-19. Pregnant women should also follow the rules that people in this group must follow. Obstetrician and gynecologist Op.Dr. Esra quickly considered Kovid-19 in all aspects of the generous pregnancy process and made the following suggestions to pregnant women.

Covid-19, which has influenced the entire world, continues to remain on the agenda with its different variations. In the Covid-19 measures applied in our country, pregnant women should continue to take care of themselves and follow the rules of social distance, stay away from people who show symptoms. Op.Dr. Esra quickly made suggestions to pregnant women in the generous Covid-19 process, especially on the following issues:

28. Pregnant women who exceed the week should pay extra attention

In order to have a healthy pregnancy and to have a timely, healthy birth, pregnant women should be attentive to implementing measures. 28, when the pregnancy progresses and the baby reaches a certain level of growth.pregnant women should take extra care of themselves. Against the Covid-19 virus, which is transmitted by droplet, air, mouth and nose secretions, pregnant women should follow the rules of social distance and continue to wear masks.

Pregnant women should not remain motionless during their stay at home

During a period of enforcement of curfew restrictions, people were at home and more sedentary. Now, with controlled liberalization, people will be able to be more active in the open air and in social life. Pregnant women who prefer to stay at home to protect themselves or relax should also try to be on the move inside the home to reduce the risk of blood clots and consume a lot of fluids.

What pregnant women with Covid-19 symptoms should do

The main symptoms of Kovid-19 are high fever, constant coughing and loss of smell, taste. There are also different symptoms in the new variations. Pregnant women who also notice different symptoms such as sore throat, fatigue, headache, conjunctivitis should inform their doctor about the issue and have a test. According to the result, they should protect themselves and remain in quarantine to prevent contagion. Pregnant women should not disrupt routine appointments with their doctors due to Covid-19.

Op.Dr. Esra quick generosity's broader views and suggestions on changes in the mother's body and psychology during pregnancy, the development of the baby week by week, and pregnancy in the Covid-19 process are included in his book “Everything About Pregnancy”.